Time is slipping by

Happiness,joy and miracles

They just come and go

Like a wind.

They must be very precious.

The moon is travelling around the Earth

Like a curious bird

Wondering the things going on in the nations

It never gives turning up

So it must have a lot of patience.

In autumn we can see the leaves

Falling from the trees.

Since they're weak

We should encourage them

So that they can fight against the breeze.


Emotion: wink
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Is that your own creation? Emotion: surprise
Of course Jacopo..I've 35 poems so far.
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Lovely... Emotion: smile
Sorry I forgot to add the verb Emotion: big smile I mean "I've written 35 poems so far."
I knew that, though I thought it was due to twins' language... (meaning that I have to guess some of the words)

Emotion: big smile
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Emotion: big smilehow nice..
Eheh... Emotion: big smile
Dj, really interesting and your last stanza reminds me of Shelley's , Ode To Autumn.But I have a remark , if you may, it's about the falling leaves, why do you think we've got to help them fight against the breeze because if we ever did, the leaves won't fall and there will be no chance for the green lively leaves to grow. So, I think that we should help them cope with the breeze instead, am I right?Emotion: smile
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