"so close but yet so far" is a phase that i need somebody help me explaine it. many thanks.

The usual phrase is 'so near but yet so far'. It means that even if you are close to success, you are still not successful.

A similar American expression is 'Close, but no cigar', meaning that you almost won a prize, but you were still unsuccessful.

Best wishes, Clive
Imagine needing to be on the other side of a wall. You only need to be 1 meter away, but there's no easy way to get there.

Or a river, that's 10 meters wide, but the nearest bridge is 10 km away.

Or an apple on a tree that you can't reach.
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thank you clive and vorpar for your kindly help : )
Isn't it "so close and yet so far"? "But" and "yet" are redundant when placed together.
AnonymousIsn't it "so close and yet so far"?
This is how I've always heard it and said it, but apparently there are variants that people like to use.

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apart from acheivements I tend to see it also as being so close physically yet so far emotionally for relationships...two people can be together but there's no emotional connection...or being together yet the mind is preoccupied you tend to forget the person you're with....