A guy talks about his girlfriend Kimi who read
a text message from another girl on her boyfriend's phone.
She texted me yesterday asking me when I was gonna come pick
up some surfingboard that Kimi won and... I don't know, you know, "Oh, so good
to see you at the beach
," (he says it was a plain greeting message?)
all this stuff. Yeah, you know, she might have
written a couple of things that, if you read them out of context, If you dunno what's the case?
they could have been misunderstood.
Your two underscored phrases are related. "To take something out of context" is a very well-known problem, in which someone tries to guess at the meaning of a portion of something without having access to the rest of it - or deliberately omits certain parts to make it misleading.

So he doesn't know if a "personal relationship" is indicated.
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How do you mean related? The one with the beach
indicates personal relationship? As in too personal?
By putting "is indicated" in the passive voice, I can duck all your technical questions. Emotion: big smile

It's like making a medical diagnosis. I can say "appendicitis is indicated," without stating how I came to that conclusion.

The passage you quote simply raises the question as to whether or not the text message might later be shown to have been written by a girl who in fact has a romantic interest in the boyfriend. (I may have my characters mixed up.)

I didn't say the text message did or did not indicate a romantic relationship. That's why I used the passive.