what exactly means the senstence I put in the subject? Here is the context:

J: I'm not, Mama. It's exactly what I want. It's dark and quiet.
T: So's the backyard, Jessie.
J: So quiet, I don't know it's quiet, so nobody can get me.
T: Dead might not be quiet at all, Jessie. What if it's like an alarm clock, and you can't wake up, so you can't shut it off... ever!
J: Dead is everbody and everything I ever knew, gone. Dead is dead quiet.

quiet here means "peaceful" or "silent"?

Thanks for help Emotion: smile

What is the context of this? Can you give a brief outline?
I'm sorry, but that's all Emotion: sad It's from "Night, mother" with Sissy Spacek. The rest of the dialogue is not related with this fragment at all. And that's why I'm asking for help.