Please show their difference by examples and explanation. Thanks a lot for your time!
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so that:
indicates a purpose under a condition.
"we need to keep the water clean so that fish won't die of diseases."

such that:
I have not noticed such expression yet.
"such that" - in a way that makes it meet the following condition.

Set the bottles up such that they are in a straight line and have about an inch between each one.
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Sorry, but I still can not see their difference. It seems that it will make sense if exchanging them in the above sentences.

May I have more comments about this? Thanks a lot!
is it better to say:

set the bottles as such that...
"such that" adj : of a degree or quality specified (by the that clause); their anxiety was such that they could not sleep
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3. ``such as" vs. ``so as" vs. ``such that" vs. ``so that"

Notes on English Composition
written by Glenn Paquette
Sorry, you are wrong. It should be "Set up the bottles so that they are in a straight line". "Such that" would be totally wrong here.

From Rebecca Mayer - English language teacher and author of grammar books.
Hi guys,

I think that the subtleties of meaning here depend somewhat on the particuar sentence and context. However, I'd like to offer a couple of general comments.

so that focuses on a purpose.

such that focuses on a consequence.

The doctor changed Mary's medication so that she died. This sounds like the doctor wanted to kill her.

The doctor changed Mary's medication such that she died. This sounds like the doctor made a mistake.

Best wishes, Clive
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