Hey everybody!
I'm looking for idioms connected with soccer (footbal in BrE). I found only a few:
to do a bicycle / scissors kick
to do bannana kick
to nutmeg a defender
to play one-two pass
to shoot into the near / far post

If you can help me and list any other, I'd really appreciate it.
I need it for my MA thesis
go to www.google.com and do exact search (in quotes) on football idiom, football slang, soccer idiom, and soccer slang.
OK, I'll try doing that. Thx
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Are you still looking. So am I? as am an English teacher and football fan, should be able to find a few.
If you have some you could send me, would be appreciated.


Hi! Me too. I'm writing a thesis about soccer terms and idioms in french, spanish and english languages. Send me an e-mail at Email Removed - i have some material for you.
get the ball rolling

play it safe

move to the goalposts

10 most popular from www.britishcouncil.org/learnenglish-sport-article-football-slang.htm

good luck
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Hi! My name is Arkady, I am from Ukraine. You`ve written that you have some material about soccer slang. I am writing a method-guide for my students of physical training department. I`ll be very glad to get some information about English soccer slang.

Best regards, Arkady Chikibaev.

My e-mail - Email Removed
Idiom: to move the posts

Meaning: to change the rules