I mean why shouldn't it. What is wrong with suicide anyway. I'll let you people know more about what I think. After your posts.
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What is your opinion about sucide, Golden?
I don't know whether it's really true, but I've heard that in one of American states there is a death penalty for suicide attempts. Emotion: indifferent
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lol Ruslana....

I also think one should be allowed to do it if one wants to. But as in many cases the decision is not made on rational grounds, there must be some kind of control. I mean, if a fifteen-year-old girl is depressed because her boyfriend has dumped her and wants to kill herself, a priori I don't think that that's a good reason. In any case, the issue is too complicated to deal with it in a few lines.
I think society should let people commit suicide if they want to. I
mean what is wrong? Because they know what is happening to them. The
problems, the miseries, they could be having. We can't even comprehend
the gravity, the intensity of their problems. It must be really bad if
someone chooses those kind of things.And I agree with Sextus. Any
fifteen-year old should not commit suicide just because someone has
dumped them. But then again it is up to her, right? (but if you ask me
no one should do it just because someone dumped them. I am not saying there are things which are worth dying for.) And what is wrong if someone wants to do it just for the heck of it?
I hope that none of those contributing to this thread are in counselling.
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I don't know about others but I'm not in counselling.
In my opinion, the law shouldn't allow people to commit suicide. Because when one wants to commit suicide, it means that he/she is so depressed that he/she can't think clearly enough to have a better solution than to be dead. Infact, there're a lot of ways for them to solve their problems. It's just because they aren't encourage enough to face it. For example, in my country, there was a student who commited suicide just because he didn't pass the entrance exam of an university. It's really foolish. I don't know how he could do that.
Agreed Steve Mc. Killing yourself just because you didn't pass the exam or because someone dumped you might seem foolish. But there might be things people can't get away from. I don't know why you people seem to be thinking that people who commit suicide are not thinking straight. I mean it is just a point of view, right?
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