I posted a question in another forum (how to translate "governabilidad socio-ambiental" into English). I have received many replies. They use different terms for "governabilidad" (what I expected), but some of them have used "socio-environmental" and others "social and environmental". As I see it, "socio-" is as common in English as it is in Spanish. Let's say: socio-geographic, socio-environmental, etc. What is the most common use in English? (I am proofreading a formal text)


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The prefix socio- is often added to English words. However, I feel it results in a kind of technical jargon. I think the meaning becomes less precise, less clear, with such hyphenated words.

I searched via Google, and the results clearly suggest that the longer phrase is usually preferred.

socio-environmental 167,000 hits

social and environmental 9,910,000 hits.

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