Hi there, i want to get software to pronounce any english word combination, like TalkIt software from Microsoft. For example, if I enter "hi" and press voice button it says "hi", it doesn't need to show defination. Thanks so much.
www.dictionary.com is free. You can look up a word and click on the small speaker icon, and it will give you the pronunciation
webster is also free, go to m-w.com and enter the word and then just click on the speaker icons. it'll give you multiple speakers if there are different ways of pronunciation for that particular word.
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Thanks u all, here is about TalkIt http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Talk_It ! .
Again, I don't need to know the meaning, the on line dictionaries are for definition + pronunciation, if they can't find the word, they don't give u how to pronounce it. Thanks, all of u.
Another free website: Howjsay (BrE). No definitions, here.
What if i put words that don't have definition? e.g I type in "nana wawa tata" and let the computer pronounce it?? Any idea anyone?? Thanks so much anyway.
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Try Cambridge Learner's Dictionary. It shows definition and you can hear BrE and AmE pronunciation.

In windows 7 simply go to the "Change text to speech settings" and there in the "text to speech" tab (@ "use the following text to preview the voice ") you can type your words and listen by clicking the "Preview voice button" .............