Solid opening for King Kong movie

what is the meaning of solid opening?

Movie fans around the world spent $18m on tickets to see King Kong on its first day in cinemas on WednesdayThat's a pretty good start for the film, but it's a long way short of the record opening on a Wednesday - which belongs to Spider-Man 2 with $40.4m.

and in the sentence above,i need the meaning of the part in bold ,please

Solid means strong here, I mean that many people watched the movie on its first day on screen. And though many fans bought the tickets worth $18 million, it is way/far short of the Spiderman 2 that owns the record opening on a Wednesday, $40 mollion. (If you compare 18 to 40, you'll see how far it is short of the record!)
I think "solid" here correspond to this definition by Cambridge: http://dictionary.cambridge.org/define.asp?key=75624&dict=CALD

The part in bold means that the KK opening didn't do as well - by far - as that of SM, also on a Wednesday, which is so far the record /best opening on a Wednesday.
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