anyone know how to explication the following piece, "Unknown Journey" in point form?


From that moment
of the Big Bang
we became travelers
on an insignificant planet
on an arm of the Milky Way
Our launching pad
orbiting old father Sun
spinning with the galaxies
from nowhere
to where?
bound invisibly
to every atom
we are the stuff
of nightmares
still awakening
from the long sleep

Who shall guide us
since given free will
flung out of the womb
at the moment of light?
We grope our way
by the choices we make
to utopia or oblivion.

Knowing the WHEN
And HOW makes sense
it is the WHY
that puzzles most.

The boomerangs we toss
too often return
to wound our vision
unsure of what angles
to place on God
a face or a form
that is pure spirit.

The journey
has only just befun
our platform jostled
in a crush of frenzy
the weak trampled
the arrogant scalp tickets
for a first-class trip
Where is the conductor?

There's no turning back
we are on our own
with light years ahead
before the final stop.
I'm not sure what kinds of points you're looking for, Anon. Did you ask your teacher to explain? How about making a first effort yourself?-- and then we'll take a look at it.