There are n people in a company. How to calculate
the average salary of these n people without any of
them knowing exactly what the others salary is? The
average has to be computed only by these n people
without any help from another person or computer.
Obviously, n > 2.
^_^,really high-IQ type!

who knows!
Not that difficult! keep trying! 'am sure there are infact more than one solutionEmotion: smile
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take the monthly salary figure from the general ledger then divide it by n people and you'll hopefully get the exact answer....
I believe you should make the first person write down a obscure number like 3423, and the next person add his / her salary, to the number, and each person adds his/her salary until it reaches the first person who wrote down the obscure number. He adds his salary, subtracts the number he wrote and then divides the final number by the total number of people.
Yep! good job. Cud there be something else as well?
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Good job Tide. Could there be some more solutions?
Ask them to donate 2.5% of their salary and write their name, then you would know their exact salary one by one.