You're in the middle of a desert. You come to a crossroad from where there are two paths to be taken. You cannot go back. One path leads to death the other one to life.

In the middle of the crossroads sits an old man who knows which path to take. You can ask this man one question, but only one. You also know from legend that this man lies every second time, and tells the truth every second time.

What do you ask him to be sure of knowing which way to take?
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(n) wow! that is a hard riddle! ummmmm...... [:^)] ughhh.... just a little hint, please? Emotion: tongue tied
"If I asked you for the path leading to life and after that someone else did the same thing, what would you tell him?"

Can be?

BTW I'm new to the forum so HELLO TO EVERYBODYEmotion: smile

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I think adams can be on the right path, though he has to do some more thinking =)

Good luck.
If you ask a question I wrote before, the old man will always show you the path leading to death... i think Emotion: smile. And that's why:

There are to possibilities:

1) Now it's turn for the old man to tell the truth. So if I asked him for the path leading to life, he would give me the right answer and he would have lied to the next person asking the same question. Thus, because the old man now tells the truth his answer to my question would be "the path leading to death"

2) It's turn for the old man to lie. Assuming I asked him for the path leading to life, he would have lied to me but he would tell the truth to the someone who asked this question later. But because the old man is going to lie right now his answer to my question would be again "the path leading to death"

Anyway, you're not supposed to choose the path he shows you Emotion: smile

Is that what you meant?

Yes, you're reasoning is sound. I just wanted you to say it =)

Anyway, you can either ask him what advice he gave to the person before you or you can ask him what he would tell the next person who comes after you.
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Yes, but how do you know when he's lying? He could have been lying to the person before you, lying to you, or lying to the next person.

the point is when you ask this question you don't have to know when he's lying. the man will always point at the wrong path
Sorry adams, bear with me (I'm a bit slow):

If he was about to lie, then his answer to you would be "false" and to the next person "true".

If he was about to tell the truth, his answer to you would be "true" and to the next person, "false".

Either way, you still don't know for sure, he would point at a path which could be true or false.
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