It has been established that 1 of 4 men committed a crime. Following are the statements made by each suspect:

Harry: Barry did it.

Barry: Jerry did it.

Larry: I didn't do it.

Jerry: Barry lied when he said I did it.

If ONLY ONE STATEMENT IS TRUE, who is the criminal?

The similar names are making me Emotion: crying.
Okay, Larry is the criminal.
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ok, i'm the criminal!
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Ithink it's barry because he did not deny when harry accused,he said "jerry did it"
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If Harry told the truth then Larry must have lied - contradiction.
If Barry told the truth and Jerry lied, Larry must also have lied, meaning that he did it - contradiction.
If Larry told the truth then Barry and Jerry contradict each other.
If Jerry told the truth, then Barry lied when he said Jerry did it, Harry lied when he said that Barry did it, and Larry lied when he said that he didn't do it.

So LARRY is the criminal.