x is a seven letter word. x is impossible for God, new born baby likes x than milk. If you eat x in a day you might not be strong for the day. Find x?

A newborn baby likes x more than milk

I think we've seen this one, or something very similar, many times before!
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If the owner didn't have one of these he'll be hunted like a wild dog
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It may have pie

But eaten it can’t be

Use its root before nine

And you’ll get three

Mr brown was killed the swunday afternoon

the wife sid she was reading a book

the butler said he was taking a shower

the chef said he was making breakfast

the maid said she was folding cloths

the gardner said he was planting tomatoes

who killed him

A math equation
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The chef if u were mak9ng breakfast it would be 5he morning not in the afternoon which Mr. Brown was found dead
A rich man needs .......a poor man has.......if you eat
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