The technological development has given rise to significant advances in the field of artificial intelligence (AI), which undeniably has decent affects on our future life. However, many opposers state that we are not fully equipped to adapt in such cutting-edge technological era.

This essay will discuss the two opposing points of view and present my opinion.

On the one hand, there are paramount concerns that AI may adversely affect human beings. In parallel with machinery modernizing, there is a tendency for mankind to progressively be reliant on AI in every aspects of life. We will have all our tasks done by technological devices including researching, entertaining, educating and even communicating. This hazardously degrade our sense of intellect and separate individuals from society'. Furthermore, the unemployment rate is likely to be on the rise on the grounds that AI may replace our positions in different professions. For instance, automatic production lines are supposed to make labourers be laid off if they are not equipped with proper proficiency.

On the other hand, it is proved that AI provides us with substantial benefits. Firstly, some futuristic machines are expected to perform tasks requiring absolute precision with remarkable speed such as calculating or dealing with works covering large amount of data. Other innovative appliances include automatic pilot system and GPS navigation system are believed to lessen some drivers’ complication. Secondly, AI can be trusted in undertaking high risk jobs. For example, some robotic machines may alter astronauts in spacecrafts launching or space probing.

In conclusion, in this eminently developed technological age, the advantageous benefits AI brings about are immeasurable, yet the obvious drawbacks are inevitable. I believe the merits can outweigh the demerits and greatly contribute to our future life provided that we take good use of AI and apprehensively aware of the detriments it may induce.

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