In the modern developed world, it is easy to access an enormous amount of information in every field worldwide throughout the internet. This information is shared freely, and many people in need can get knowledge without so much limit. Many people believe that information is necessary to keep in security because some knowledge is truly important and can not show up everywhere.

Firstly, I need to mention that there is nothing wrong with people seeking information quickly and doing their scientific research. Many people have to do scientific research, the academic world who has more opportunities to accomplish their target soon and save a lot of money due to no searching for information. Scientists and students have talents and abilities who are able to contribute to nations or the world their works unlimited with the supports from the accessible free information.

On the other hand, I have to admit that many national secrets can be revealed by sharing knowledge without paying money. From a negative perspective, personal information is not kept in security, which leads to many problems related to a person's privacy, and even though of the nation. This might lead to a country's security or harm directly the national economy in the long run.

There are pros and cons to sharing information widely. Governments, organizations, and individuals have to consider the effects and results before making decisions to such a thing. And in this case, it is necessary to know the bad impact of showing any knowledge or information to the public. Eventually, the more people take the advantages the better for all of us.


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