In the modern era, economic development has been many countries’ fundamental policy, with some arguing that it aims to end famine and impoverishment. While acknowledging the underpinning reasons for this way of thinking, I opine that such an economic strategy should be still be implemented albeit its negative efforts on the environment.

Some people believe that growing the economy is the most effective way in order to solve poor problems as almost all countries in the world use it. This means more attention paid to economic development could lead to a reduction in the unemployment rate. As a result, people could have a higher living standard with financial independence, contributing to eliminating hunger and poverty. Another reason to support the idea that economic growth is the only way to end starvation and impoverishment is increasing GDP. It is clear that if the government had more budget, they could invest in social welfare such as the retiree scheme, free education, labor insurance, to name just a few. Thus, financial pressure could be reduced, resulting in having a better standard of life.

Despite the fact that economic development causes environmental issues, it should be the first priority among many parts of the world. One major detrimental impact on the environment is air pollution. In other words, a huge amount of CO2 emitting annually is triggered by extending industrial zones, which explains why the quantity of people getting respiratory diseases rises considerably. Besides that, deforestation also stems from growing economy. For instance, clear-cutting to make the way for the expansion of high-rise buildings, tourism services, and so on. For that reason, losing biodiversity is an inevitable consequence of economic growth.

However, developing economic play an indispensable role in human life. Most of developed countries are aiming at sustainable development to have greater protecting environment plans whilst third-world countries are concentrating on expanding business to incorporate technology with economic development practices.

In conclusion, while i concede that economic developing causes environmental damage, i still maintain that it should not be stopped in order to end famine and poverty.