In this day and age, studying online is a conspicuous trend that is essential for a child’s growth and development. While some people argue that children’s learning process should be strictly online, others believe that books should be utilized. In my perspective, these studying methods should be used interchangeably to achieve efficacy.

Electronic books could be a dynamic tool as they provide children with a wide range of sources and interactive features to promote language and literacy development. Firstly, it is undoubtedly about the resourcefulness of online study. When studying online, children would be able to access a wide variety of information from different sources within a limited time. For example, students could search for information from websites with no charge such as Google, Wikipedia, and Baidu. Besides, the difference between an eBook and a print book is that an eBook includes different forms of animation, visual displays, narration, and different sounds. These features not only gain a child’s interest but also may help develop children as learners.

However, printed books are very efficient in terms of readability and preference. Firstly, students tend to absorb more when they’re reading on paper than on screen. This phenomenon would since children could scan through and flip through media screens, reducing one’s ability to remember key details and build connections with the text. Additionally, students usually prefer reading from paper. The reason for choosing a print text over an eBook would be due to the fact that the brightness of the screen bothers the child’s vision, children cannot focus on a screen for more than a short time, and games and apps may be too distracting for the child.

In conclusion, online studying and simultaneously using textbooks are vital because of resource availability and comprehensive reading. Therefore, combining both methods would be the ultimate solution for children to develop literacy skills.


Reading books is a supplementary activity to the experiences that we can accumulate. By reading books, we can learn from many other experiences in a short time. The issue is, the difficulty in understanding and effort in finding out what is being presented in the book.

I have tried to answer the art of reading in the following video of mine, where I have mentioned how to read in a better way - https://youtu.be/i5dOLZPZGUM

Pre-reading is one skill that one needs to develop in order to understand reading.