If we define culture as shared beliefs, values, attitudes, and behaviors, it stands to reason then that a person's country of origin impacts their culture. . Is nationality the defining influence or is it just one of various factors? I would say both arguments have validity, on the contrary, I would lean towards the latter.

It is easy to understand the ‘defining influence’ argument. If someone is born and raised in a place, they will be heavily affected by it. Psychologists mention this as the ‘nurture argument’ - you are a product of your place. For instance, if your country's cuisine uses specific ingredients, you get used to those dishes but may cope with other less familiar tastes. If your country has a conventional style of music, bolero or red music, the ubiquity of it, and, as a result, tend to enjoy it more.

On the other side of the argument, we need to recognize the impacts of globalization. Most people have daily access and get exposure to other cultures. It all surrounds us- restaurants, movies, and international companies are everywhere. One of the advantages of globalization is that it offers us a choice of cultural opportunities to choose from. It is unlikely that you will find any resident of a specific nation who does not have preferences that stem from outside their country of origin. Besides, more and more people work, study, or travel abroad away from their country. Inevitably, these people will be suffered from new influences.

My own view is that while we are affected by our community, in this globalized world, one's country of origin is only one aspect of our common culture. We all adopt factors from other cultures on a daily basis, unavoidably or according to our preferences and experiences. To my mind, this is what makes the world such an attractive place.


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