Sharing information with or without charge has always been controversial. Some people support the idea of freely spreading knowledge because of its benefits to individuals and society. However, I still hold the opinion that some information should not be shared without any fee.

First of all, sharing information in scientific, business and academic field is necessary for some reasons. Firstly, knowledge will facilitate one’s work and study. In a world of industrialization, keeping up with the news and access to new knowledge are very crucial and essential. For instance, if a businessman shares his experiences about setting up and running a business, everyone will be able to manage their own company in the right way. Secondly, the society has a knowledgeable workforce because information is exchanged and worth sharing. For example, many websites share learning methods so that students can access and find the best way to achieve knowledge.

On the other hand, I strongly agree with the view that some vital and valuable information need to be restricted or charged. Many information are obtained with endless efforts of an individual or even a team. Charging a fee is a way to show gratitude towards their contribution and enhance the responsibility of users. To create vocabulary sets for people to remember and apply new words, teachers must work dedicatedly for hours. Another reason is that some information is priceless and dangerous to share. In particular, if information about nuclear weapons is leaked or stolen, terrorists and criminals can use it illegally and the world will be threatened.

In conclusion, it is fine to share information freely as long as it is not dangerous. I believe that some information should not be shared because of its value and importance.


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