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Not run away but shout!:D ..well, I have never ran away from a butterfly yet, but, have ran away from spiders, cockroaches and so on!

Oh, come on girls, seems that you are going to kill me for that. Emotion: crying I am not the only one here who fear insects, am I?
Dont worry Ana, you are not alone... I have a cousin like you Ana ... xD Last year she came to our mountain house ... In the morning, while she was waking up, she started to scream like someone was slaughtering her! Oh she scared me so much! I asked her ' What's with you?'direfully but she was busy with screaming... Then I got the reason: There was a little green insect on her bed.It was a grasshopper..! A little tiny mini grasshopper ^^ It was so cuteeeee ! I released it to nature Emotion: big smile I am rather thick with these guys... I only can not and scorpions Emotion: surpriseEmotion: surprise
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Ana, no one is going to kill you! [}] It's just that I never imagined someone could be afraid of insects (butterflies, dragon-flies) so much...
I love dragonflies ^^ Unfortunately they live so short Emotion: sad Once I loved dragonfly and spent all my time staring at it until the sun gone up... I gave all my love and mercy to it and after I came back from school it was about to die Emotion: crying It is so hard to lose something you like ...
Phew! Emotion: smile Thank you Lani!

I don't know, maybe I'm afraid one of them will do something to me, who knows?
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PuccaI don't know, maybe I'm afraid one of them will do something to me, who knows?
What if a butterfly sits down on your hand and shows you the beauty of its colorful wings? Emotion: wink

Merve, it's always difficult to lose what we love or like... Emotion: sad
LOL, Anita, how can you be afraid of butterflies?
Well, I don't like insects either, but butterflies are not insects, they are butterflies. Emotion: wink I mean, I don't like weird spiders or weird worms... huge wasps!
lol Kooyeen, let me be a natural sciences geek for a while: butterflies are insects while spiders and worms aren't Emotion: stick out tongue
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I must agree that Fran's right. Emotion: big smile
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