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RuslanaWhat if a butterfly sits down on your hand and shows you the beauty of its colorful wings? Emotion: wink
A butterfly on my hand? Never! Before looking at the colorful wings, I tend to look at the face and the..legs, so scary!

LOL - Poor Kooyeen, he will cry after this one!
I remember studying Biology and stuff... I remember studying, not what I studied, LOL.
Well, let's hope they are animals at least, or is a butterfly a vegetable?
Students: Are you brave enough to let our tutors analyse your pronunciation?
I myself will cry now. Emotion: crying

Emotion: stick out tongue

Emotion: big smile
I have always loved watching buterflies, their beautiful colors and how gracefully they fly but NEVER will I allow it to get near me. I'm scared of their legs and antennas. And its head is like that of the fly's. Eeew! Heheh!