Hi, folks!

Not, this thread is not about computer bugs, but about real ones! Emotion: big smile

I had a walk yesterday and captured something lovely. Hope you'll like it!
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Another angle.
Just have a look at the wings! Wonderful transparent nacre jewellery-made cells!
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And now it's time to create a thread about cockroaches))) Hm I've seen a lot of photos on this forum and I think I'll open a thread with my pics))
Lani, they are..scary!:|
If you have a nice marco picture of a cockroach, why not to post it? Emotion: stick out tongue
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Oh I don't. That's why I offered)))
Cockroaches are those black insect, aren't they?

Those are the insects I fear most!
PuccaLani, they are..scary!:|
Pucca, don't look at the faces, look at the wings! Emotion: big smile
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