Choosing a job soon are more likely to get a satisfying career life than who usually change works is not true.

The first thing, Millennial generation are different from the Baby Boomers generation. Young people don't want a normal job such as a civil servant which job always have to stay in the office, deal with so many paperwork which it's really boring. they prepare willing to switch their job. they are independent and don't afraid of unemployment. For instance, an older sister who I knew, she is skilled, pretty and literally confident in herself. she substituted cabin crew for her uninteresting job which she had stuck for a long time. Becoming a flight attendant is her dream. The second problem of changing jobs is a lot of question has to answer. "How long have you stayed with that job ?'". "Had you ever tried your best yet " In my opinion, we have to work at least 2 years in one job or maybe 1 year. you have to make an effort to complete your work. Trying to improve your skills and when you live you have more things than the first day. To conclusion, to find a good job it's very tough and search for a suitable job for yourself it's more difficult. Continue doing the jobs which you are uninspiring or be brave and challenge yourself with the new work. Everything depends on yourself.


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