In this day and age, the elderly regardless of age could go on working if they want has been gaining the public's attention and become popular in some nations. However, every coin has its two sides and this issue is not an exception. In my opinion, i hold a belief that this emerging trend is more harmful than good.
There are several reasons why the old people are allowed to work in any age, which brings about effects for society. Firstly, it is noticeable that the older labors could lead to the development of unemployment rate. This means that the juvenile having relevant qualifications and being willing to work longer hours are likely to be paid a low salary, while the old citizens are formidable candidates because they are rich experience and profession. Therefore, the old people are able to achieve the work's requirements without any effort, and similarly the young labors are more and more increasing, this results in a unnecessary redundancy. Secondly, the unbalance in labor market is also a substantial problem stemming from the existence of the old workforce. This is due to an explanation that the elderly are not able to do manual jobs, which require good heath. As a result, office work is more suitable for the older people, such as business environment, making it unreasonable attractions, when some jobs contain in difficult environment, such as nursery, engineering, and so on, which are more unpopular in public. As a consequence, this brings about the potential shortage of labor in some field.
Nevertheless, the rate of old people in some countries rises too fast, such as the old population in Japan or some Europe nations. If the governments do not have methods to support the elderly's life, they will face to many difficulties about costs of living. Therefore, allowing the old citizens working is a humanitarian measure.
In conclusion, population in the world is increasing that the old labors going on working are likely to lead to inevitable impacts in public. As a result, i think that the aforementioned demerits totally outweigh benefits.


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