- I am really hairy. It's so bad I can see my body hair in my shadow. I am convinced if I shaved all the hair off of my body, I would lose at least 5 pounds.

- One time, while I was sleeping the electricity went out and when I woke up I thought I was blind.

- My cousin died of alcohol poisoning and someone put a six pack in his casket.

- One of my brothers robbed a gas station. It wasn't that hard to find him because he did it in the middle of winter and he left footprints in the snow leading back to his house.
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I suggets you start shaving, get a battery-powered nightlight, and disown your family.
Haha, wow. Interesting. Emotion: smile

So what brings you to the English Forums?
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Anon, your suggestions are amusing.Emotion: smile
DFelton, how about focusing on more visual humour? You have given us anecdotes, not jokes. Try to understand the difference..... sonny.
Dammit I feel awful now, having to tell DF what a joke is. But just in case old DF did not get the message, here is another. I would call this level 1 humour. DF is level 0.

A man walks into a bar, and says "ouch"

Ha ha! Ha ha ha! Ha ha ha ha! Ha ha! Ha ha ha! Ha ha! Ha ha ha!Ha ha! Ha ha ha!Ha ha! Ha ha ha!Ha ha! Ha ha ha!Ha ha! Ha ha ha!Ha ha! Ha ha ha!Ha ha! Ha ha ha! Isnt that just the funniest thing ever? Init?!!!!!! Oh my sides hurt. Ha ha! Ha ha ha! Ha ha ha ha! Ha ha! Ha ha ha! Ha ha! Ha ha ha!Ha ha! Ha ha ha!Ha ha! Ha ha ha!Ha ha! Ha ha ha!Ha ha!
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That's a bit harsh, Orior. I think his jokes in this thread are what you'd call "light humor" -- the kind of thing you'd use to lighten up a newspaper article to create a silly, light-hearted tone. Writers use these kinds of jokes/anecdotes all the time, and the reader understands that the point isn't to be laugh-out-loud hilarious, but to have fun with the descriptions.

There are different types of jokes, and each can be appreciated on different levels and in different contexts.
I agree with you LearningNerd. But DF took it bad the last time I gave him some friendly advice, so now I'm just cashing in Emotion: smile
Orior, you have to understand the comments I said to you before were also jokes and were not to be taken seriously. That is why I apologized to you when you started to take them seriously. Also, some of the best stand-up comedians' acts, such as Woody Allen's, have been based mostly on anecdotes.There are many different kinds of comedy and many different ways to deliver a joke. Thanks for the feedback everybody.
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