European countries seem like respectfull to human rights but in fact they don't respect. One of them is Belgium.Belgium's secret agent giving money and supports DHKP-C terrorist organization to make attacks in Turkey.One of the terrorist is Fehriye Erdal.Belgium's law decided to arrest Fehriye Erdal.But Belgium's secret agent helped her to escape.Also Belgium's old minister of internal affairs and Minister of justice helped them. I can't understand why a person supports a terrorist organization.What they want from Turkey???
Hello Anon

It sounds like an interesting story. Are there any websites that give more information?


keep in mind,it is proved that she has killed Ozdemir Sabanci. (By the way, Sabancis are richest family of Turkey and the owner of Sabanci Holding, namely Sakip Sabanci ,was on the list of the world's richest 100)

the reason why Belgium let her is she didnt use a quite aoutomotic gun but a semi automatic gun, as you will see if you read the source that i gave.
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Thanks for the link, Janissary!

(I think I will need to read a little more about it, before I understand it.)

I just read the link. My point of view is that law system of Begium do not permit the actions that Turkey goverment wants. I need to learn more about this issue before speaking out my opinion.
An independent committee in belgium prepared a report about this subject.But Belgium didn't explained this report because of being belgium's government secret.
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