It is obviously true that minority languages are gradually dissapeared while the domination of global languages are rapidly flourishing in recent years. Although it can be argued that governments could save the budgets by allowing to this happen, I strongly believe that these languages should be preserved and protected.

There are several reasons why humans are not in favor of governments investing more money in local language preservation. To begin with, this will be needed to make sure people learn minority languages through expensive educational programs if it is spoken by a small group of people, then the state will be spent more money on facilities, teachers, and marketing rather than allocating funds to more crucial sectors. Moreover, it would be much better and more efficient if people speak the same languages to eradicate the misunderstanding among conversations. For example, if foreign people do not have translators beside themselves, then they could be failed to understand the flow of information wanted to deliver as they cannot comprehend completely.

On the other hand, governments should preserve endangered languages as it is a foundation of culture. There is no denying that language and culture are interrelated, thereby losing a language as well as being on verge of extinction of culture. In addition, language holds significant historical values which help the younger generation to connect with their ancestors. For instance, ancient documents cannot be extracted as they are written by forgotten words, therefore, threatened languages should be saved to conserve the connection between precious and modern people.

In conclusion, it may save money in the short term if we allow minority languages to disappear, but in the long term, this would have an extremely negative impact on our cultural heritage.


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