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Here are my questions, please:

E.g.: 1) How much does this glasses cost?

2) How much did this glasses cost?

Now, is it also possible to say: How much has this glasses cost? If so, what's the difference in relation to example nº 2 ?

In the sentence: Are there any eggs in the cake? Is it also right to ask: Are there eggs in the cake? If not, why?

In the sentence: There are some sugar in the bowl. Can I also say: There are sugar in the bowl ? Any difference?


No, use:

1) How much DO THESE glasses cost?

2) How much did THESE glasses cost?

This is clear in the past, so forget about "has," which is used only for recent events, say:
I've just bought a pair of glasses.
There IS some sugar in the bowl.
Thanks, Marius Hancu.

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