I got some grammar questions but I'm not sure if I'm correct.
So, could anyone help me?

1. You look __________ him that I thought you were.
a. as much like b. so much like c. as much as d.like as much
I choose "b"

2. Do you like apple?
Yes, almost _________I like banana.
a. as much b. as much as c. so much as d. as

I choose "b"

3. I borrow the book from my firend. So it's ____________
a. of my friend b. my friends' c. belong to my friend d. belonging to my friend

I choose "b" but "d" is confusing...

Am I correct? Help~~thank you

King King
As to 1 & 2, your answers are correct.

As to 3, I choose (a.). Others have some minor grammatical errors.
b.) my friends' ---> my friend's
c.) is belong to ---> belongs to
d.) is belonging to : As 'belong' is a stative verb, sounds ***.

Yes, I'd agree with Paco, KK. I myself wouldn't choose any of them.

If b) is really my friend's, however, that's the natural choice.