The word 'karma' has been adapted into English and the americans use it a lot.Similarly the word 'guru' is used even in the IT industry.

Do u know of more words?? Lets share them.
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This may not be the most pleasant addition, but I've heard that the English word "thug" comes from a group of Indian bandits called the "Thugi" or something similar.
Thats true. another word is 'curry' which is from india which means vegetables with spices
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Hiello anita and YoungCalifornian,
here you are more words, it is a thread about the same topic
English words from Hindi and other Indian languages.
Thanks Elena.That was helpful...

Yes, the common and famous sleepovers 'pajamas' is from India having the same meaning.

Another word,'pukka' as in a pukka gentleman, meaning genuine is from India.
Another very commonly used word is 'khaki' which is from india
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Hi Anita, and all,
It's quite interesting to see the trace of Indian words in English. Please add up to the list whatever you remember. Just a little correction: The word "khaki" originally is Persian. And as you already know, there are lots of other Persian-rooted words found in Hindi, since they belong to the same family of languages and besides, Iran and India were in contact and sometimes neighbors, throuought the history.
I'm sorry, I didn't know that.I stand corrected
The Word "cheeta" and Veranda is bieng used in english
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