Now, when you visit any cities, countries can see a lot of enormous buildings and impressive skyscrapers. However, many people said that money should be better spent on improving schools or hospitals. That’s why the government need to decide the best way for both.

First, those enormous buildings can become the symbol of that city or country. For that reason, it attracts more tourists to visit that city each year, and it’s good for the economy, which is one of the most important sites of the improvement. As far as everybody knows, most wealthy countries have its attractive landmarks such as Eiffel in Paris, Pisa in Italy, ….

Second, having a wonderful education and health centers is actually important. At this age of time, lots of people are migrating from the countryside to urban for a better standard of living. That’s a reason not only building excellent schools and hospitals, the government is also providing all adequate facilities, too. For an instance, if a city gives the best health care along with great education schema, then children will get extraordinary education, and eventually it will benefit the city as they will most likely prefer their job in a hometown.

Overall, spending money on anything, always important, so government need to think carefully


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