Hi, everybody!
I watched a TV series named "greys anatomy", which is about medical interns. I didn't quite catch some sentences and need your help.
In the 101, the chief asked interns to name the common causes of post-op fever and one of the intern Meredith answered "Wind, Water, Wound, Walking, Wonder drugs -- the five W's -- most of the time, it's Wind -- splinting or pneumonia."
Would you please tell me what is "the 5 W's" and what the "splinting" means?
thank you.
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Wind, Water, Walking, Wound, and Wonder Drugs.


Pneumonia , due to immobility & inadequate lung expansion post-op, because of pain, and infection ("Splinting" may enter into this because of restricted mobility, but I cannot find splinting as a direct cause of post-op comps.)

Atelectasis (can occur without pneumonia - a condition in which all or part of a lung becomes airless and contracts. Often seen in ventilated patients )


usually refers to urinary tract infections, very common when urinary catheter in situ


refers to restricted mobilty. Deep vein thrombiosis is a common complication, often treated prophylactically with heparin/ compression stockings


the most common site for post-op infections

wonder drugs

Some drugs can cause fever; also consider MRSA, an increasing common hospital-acquired infection caused by over-use of antibiotics.


In obstetrics and gynaecology this would be the primary site for infection, and comes above drugs.
It's very kind of you, abbie. Thank you.
by the way, what "MRSA" stands for?
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Methicillin-resistant staphylococcus aureus, also known as "the hospital super-bug".

You can read about it here:

Thank you, abbie. I've learnt a lot.

I wouldn't call MRSA "the" hospital super-bug. VRE (Vancomycin resistant enterococci) is considered worse than MRSA. Vancomycin is "the" big-gun when it comes to antibiotics...to the point where it will kill the natural bacteria in a patient's mouth/intestines. People who colonize bacteria resistant to Vanc are very very ill.
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Who first said, "All drugs are poisons, all poisons are drugs?"
Paracelsus wrote: "sola dosis facit venenum" which translated means: Only the dose makes the poison.
The result of vanc wiping out the normal flora leads to an overgrowth of c. difficile which in turn causes pseudomembranous colitis, a serious infection of the intestinal mucosa.
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