Thanks for helping.


At 0:08 ________ People in the world has no excess

I hear Trillion

At 0:28 found its way to ________ a riverside settlement

maybe he said Kuala comesu?

At 0:33-0:36

in the district of __________ province

here I'm unable to understand the few words

At 1:22 Thanks you... for _________the clean water

I understood the name of the compnay that doesn't impotant, please let me know what is the few words they say there.

At 1:27-29 The children say thank you for the liquid water?


At 0:08

?llions of people in the world have no access

"trillions" is not realistic. I suppose it must be "millions" or "billions". I can't tell which.

At 0:28
At 0:33-0:36

These are Malaysian place names. The first one seems likely to be "Kuala ~".

At 1:22
At 1:27-29

Both groups of children seem to be saying the same thing: "Thank you FutureNet, we love the clean water".