1. With the head of an elephant,

and the tail of a monkey,

My touch can be deadly if you're unlucky.

I'm an excellent swimmer,

But if you wet me I'll holler,

And racing me would be pure folly.

2. On rock and tree my life does lounge,
And ground as well my home may be found.
Growing up is not my thing,
Since close to home is where I abound.
My roots don't go all too deep,
In fact you may say they are rather meek.
Useful purpose in me can be found,
For like a sponge I will sop up what is around.
Now tell me true what I am.

Courtesy of http://www.braingle.com/Riddle.html

Chew on these, guys. Enjoy! Emotion: big smile

Cheers, [F]

- Joy

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Number two is "moss" ; however I haven't figured out the first one yet..Emotion: hmm

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You've hit the nail on the head with "Moss", DjB!Emotion: big smile[H]

As to the first one... want a hint? [:^)] I can provide...


- Joy

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Yes please.

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Think of things other than the tangible. However, though this thing cannot be seen, it certainly does possess very high energy!

Good luck, DjB!


- Joy Emotion: star
Emotion: thinking is it something like 'rocket'? or a nuclear bomb?

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uhmm.I think it is not..cos you said think of the abstract things..
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Heyy wait wait..! I've figured it out!! Oh at last! Is it "electricity"?

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DjB, stop thinking of things you can see and hold. Although "nuclear bomb" is on the right track. If you cut the "bomb" out of it. Come on, I know you can do it!

You use it in your house every day!


- Joy Emotion: star
You got it! I think your answer and my hint must have crossed in the e-ether! Emotion: wink

Any more riddles under your hat right now? Post them and I'll check them out in a few hours.

Cheers, and congratulations!

- Joy Emotion: star
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