Due to the inability of studying foreign languages of some people, it is believed that absorbing novel languages is no longer necessary at schools. To my way of thinking, having the capability to use more than one language confers loads of benefits as I will explain why.

To begin with, although a number of students have difficulties in remembering words, grammar and structure ,these pupils with a limited ability can study them by exertion and hard-working. For instance, one needs to look no further than Ho Chi Minh. He started with no knowledge about applying another way of communication, but after years of studying in various environments,he could have used more than sixteen dissimilar languages. Also, using foreign languages is the base for cultural exchanges as well as a harmonious relationship. This is because that without any language barriers , people discrepant nations can express thoughts and opinions as it will form a tight-knit connection when they can comprehend others.

In addition, studying a novel language plays a key role in cooperation worldwide. This is based on the reality that presidents in different countries have the capability to interact to each other, helping them go to the compromise for aiding facilities, money and resources to others.Also,it provides elite scientists chances to unite in finding several viable solutions to pressing matters like fatal diseases,climate change and pollution. As a result, effects are attributed to these will ease. One might argue that , given the development of translating devices , people are no longer need to study various languages.However, this line of reasoning is not sound since these devices are merely programmed for common contexts as it may use inaccurate words for the conversation , creating an awkward situation for speakers.

In conclusion, using more than one language helps student to improve their living status ,well-being and the comprehension of people’s emotions. Hence, I am convinced that oversea languages should be mandatory in all schools


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