Opinion is divided as to whether some ex-offenders who become law-abiding citizens later in their life should have a talk with students. Personally, I totally advocate that it is the most suitable way to make them more aware of the risks of carrying out unlawful activities.

First and foremost, having a conversation with ex-criminals could educate young people about the general knowledge of crimes. Previous prisoners would share their experiences about how they became involved in crime, the dangers of a criminal lifestyle, and what life in prison is really like. Therefore, this understanding may discourage teenagers from breaking the law. For example, they might be conscious that breaking the law could have a harmful influence on society and people around them. Consequently, it is essential for pupils to converse with used-to-be wrongdoers who respect the law in the future.

In addition, most youngsters seem to only know the negative consequences of crime. Moreover, after being free from jail, law-violators may suffer from prejudice or discrimination from ordinary people in the community. Thus, if school students have an opportunity to meet them and hear about their real-life stories, they could have a chance to start their lives again from the beginning as well as juveniles would see other positive aspects of lives’ ex-prisoners. As a result, it could help form social opinions about them by understanding them.

In conclusion, I entirely support that teens ought to attend a talk given by previous law-breakers in order to raise their awareness of the perils of offending.

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