People have different views about whether an untalented individual can have an ability to produce a fine piece of art. While some people think that talent and special ability are required to create a worthwhile piece, I agree with the idea that it is achievable for anyone.

It is undeniable that innate talent plays a crucial role in creating stirring masterpieces.The reason is that it is considered to be a useful tool of some successful artists in the process of making artistic products such as sketching a building or composing a music song. To be more specific, in comparison with those who have an eye for drawing or genetically inherited from their parents, normal people are prone to have difficulties in producing, like wasting more time and effort to reach the same level of gifted artists. For example, viewers can not force a normal people to stage a comedic play when they do not have a sense of humor as other professional comedians

On the other hand, it is not required for people to have a flair for art while everybody can learn to be an artist with the proper training, passion and desiration. As long as people have a dream of creating an artwork that has aesthetic values, all they need is endeavor, time and an instructor who can give them advice to improve artistics skill. Despite some obstacles in the initial period, they can gain some achievements through dogged perseverance. For example: in the music industry, there are a variety of young singers who are not widely known by the masses from scratch in spite of publishing many songs on the Internet. However, they gain recognition from the audiences by a catchy song in which they put many efforts

In conclusion, it is true that talent and innate artistic capability may assist artists in Art. Nonetheless, ordinary people with enthusiasm and an attempt to achieve the goal may also create masterpieces.

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