1. Hanger is to closet as tree is to:
Branch - Bushes - Forest - Ground - Nest

2. Which one of the following five is least like the other four?
Smile - Grin - Frown - Touch - Sneer

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Onh, please make an attempt to answer these yourself first.
I didn't understand the questions, what do they mean? please
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In the first question, it says that there is a relationship between hangers and a closet. (To me, this is a weird one, but I guess they want you to see that generally, there are a lot of clothes hangers in a closet.) So then they say a tree has this same relationship to which of the following word.

There are many hangers in a closet.

There are many trees in a _______.

In the second question, four of those words have something in common. One is not like the others. Which one?
1- forest

2- sneer

And I have other questions:
3- Paper is to wood as hammer is to:
wool - glass - water - air - metal

I think it's "metal".

4- Which one of the following five is least like the other four?
Horse - Zebra - Deer - Moose - Eland

I tried and I didn't know.

Are they correct?
no, number two is not sneer. Touch is the only word that does not describe a facial expression.

yes I would say metal for 3

for 4 I would say the eland
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It's a terrible question. The zebra has stripes. Does that make it different? The horse is the only domesticated one - does that make it different? Terrible question!
I thought so too because the zebra is very closely related to the horse and the deer and moose are similar. But you cant rule out the eland since it is an african animal, like the zebra! Apparently there must be an answer!
I vote for: Emotion: smile

1. forest (for the reason GrammarGeek mentioned)

2. touch (for the reason Dan mentioned)

3. metal (paper is made from wood; hammers are made of metal +)

4. horse (the only commonly domesticated animal among the choices)
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