While some people believe that science should emphasize on addressing global health issues, opponents suggest that other problems should be prioritized. Though, solving health problems is vital, other different issues have to be solved equally. In this essay, I will discuss both view and give my opinion

On the one hand, health complaints are one of the most necessary things that experts need to resolve. Due to the reason that health concerns are closely related to human lives. Without health, people can not work and make a salary to provide for themselves, moreover the financial economy might face a crisis due to the lack of labor force. Recently, covid-19 caused more than a million cases and affected heavily on the economic situation of the whole world, and the number could have been even larger if research for covid vaccines and treatments had not been the top priority of many governments.

On the other hand, there are also more and more issues that scientists should put their effort into solving. Regarding the environment, if humans carried out more research to find solutions to pollution, deforestation or the loss of biodiversity, many people’s health or even lives could not have been at risk. There are also economic problems like poverty or inflation that still exist and affect well-being, including pỏor living standard. For example, Africa is still a pỏor area where people live with the condition of lacking food and water, children has not bêen fully educated and the rate of illiteracy still very high.

In conclusion, even though healthcare is the most essential problem for research to focus on, the others can not be ignored. I believed that all issues should be tacked properly to bump the living standards up.


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