Many people believe that sending criminals to prison is not effective. Education and job training should be used instead. I totally disagree about that because of some reasons.

First and foremost, I would argue that prison is effective in dealing with the criminals. Because when they are in prison. They can’t connect with surrounding world. They will face loss of freedom, social isolation and separation from their loved ones if they carry out such a criminal act. For example, a robber can sentence to prison about 7 years to 15 years. In that time they can’t go out and have control by policeman.

On the other hand, education and job training are not effective. Because only education and job training help criminals to be more freedom. They also go outside and hang out with their friends. In prison, educational programs must aim to provide prisoners with skills, qualifications to find work when they are released. For instance, I see a man- who is an evil theif. He arrested about 3 years. After that time, he is trained by growing plant, raising animals and learning physical and mental lessons. After a long time, he is released and become an other person. He has a passion, a goal and becomes a successful person.

In conclusion, I agree with the point that prison sentences are essential weapon in the fight against crime, and I disagree that education and job training should be used instead


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