Not sure what you need! Sorry.Emotion: shake



Oh, I love those! I bet they'd be very helpful in class!
Did you create them yourself?!
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Hi Kawthar, no, i didn't create that. I tend to collect things i see from magazines, internet and yes sometimes i do my own material for the lessons but i had that one from a magazine. I'm glad you like it and indeed, it's quite useful for kids.

Ah, that's sweet! I think that what you are doing is awesome, so many people would look up stuff on the internet for hours and like myself--a perfectionist, I always look for the best I can get, my searches would take HOURS! many, many hours!
And to be frank, those are absolutley perfect, they would most deff match my search standards!

Thanks for sharing those, Gaby. I bet they'd be helpful for many people =)
hehe yes, i know what you mean but sometimes i'm searching other things and perhaps if i see something that i can use for teaching then i save it! I found a lot of stuff with stumble. In general, i try to save everything because i know that some day i'll use it. Emotion: smile
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