Few people suggest that intelligence can be best measured by success. While, there are other people who think intelligence can be measured in other ways too. In my opinion, success is not the indicator of being intelligent, and intelligence can better be measured apart from that.

As for measuring the intelligence of a person, there are methods like exams and IQ tests. Formal exams at schools and IQ test show the intelligence of a person. However, they do not guarantee the success of intelligent people. According to a recent survey at University of Florida, around 20% of the people who have IQ greater than 150 were successful. Though, they had very high IQ, still there are other factors that contribute to success. Therefore, those who achieve in life do not have intelligence only, but other factors too.

There are other factors which contribute in achieving goals and hence intelligence. A person has to be consistent while dealing with challenges and work hard to achieve life goals. Hence, these people have the ability to cope with challenges and learning from failures. For example, a study conducted in London revealed that 85% of the successful entrepreneurs succeeded in life after many years of tireless work and determination. Therefore, brainpower require other factors too instead of only one parameter.

In conclusion, it is not only success which shows the intelligence but other skills too. A person with the traits like dedication, determinant and ability to deal with challenges would succeed eventually. Therefore, success is only one parameter for intelligence.


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Each of us has thought about success, but do we really understand what it means? Thus, success is interpreted in many ways, with different connotations. As a child, my mother taught me that before success, as a woman, I must focus on what's good in my life and Identify my own strengths and weaknesses. At the same time, ambition is the most important, as well as perseverance, a moment when success comes gradually, like the fruits of your labor.

Starting from the topic " Some people think that success is the best measure for intelligence, while others think intelligence can be measured in other ways" I tend to believe that success and intelligence go their separate ways, because in most cases the success you have does not define the intelligence you show or vice versa. Indeed, it would be a shame for an intelligent person not to have a successful future, but there are cases like this. Just as success can be interpreted in various ways, so intelligence is viewed from many angles. Over time, people who have not graduated from college or may not even have afforded it have been discovered, but this has not stopped them from getting where they want to be, gaining amazing intelligence. Thus, both success and intelligence reflect how we look and choose to shape our lives, how we want to evolve, but especially where we want to aim.

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