People have different views about accessing education. While some believe that students should only study majors that have high applicability in the future, I believe that people should have the right opportunities to study the course of their choice.

On the one hand, there are various reasons why one believes that college should only offer subjects that will be valuable in the future. They may assert that university courses like medicine, engineering, and information technology are more likely to dominate others' careers like art. From a personal perspective, it can be argued that these majors offer more job opportunities, career progression, better salaries and therefore give one a sense of achievement. On the societal level, by making people choosing particular subjects, the government can ensure that any knowledge gaps in the economy are covered. In addition, a focus on technology in higher education can create a golden opportunity to find out more inventions, therefore greater future prosperity.

On the other hand, I would argue that students should be free when choosing their field of study. Students can get their optimal results if they learn with passion and enthusiasm, ensuring a bright future for them. Moreover, nobody can predict which areas of knowledge would be more beneficial to society in the future and it may be that employers initiate to value creative thinking skills above practical or technical skills. If this were the case, maybe we need more students in the art or history field rather than science or technology.

In conclusion, while offering particular majors in university may bring some benefit, I prefer the current education system in which everyone is willing to study what they want.


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