So, I'm translating something from English into my native language and I'm having some problems understanding in which context are some words used. I'll write the whole sentences and bold the words I'm having trouble with.

The way we work today is the offspring of generations of tradition, technological advances, economic pressures, and a good deal of chance.

Do they refere to chance as an oportunity, luck, or accident is what I cannot figure out.


Georges Demeny, in 1891, claimed to produce a synchronous sound system, but like so many assertions in this time of riotous invention, this proved unfounded.

is it the time when the inventions were riotous, or the time was riotous or...? note that invention is in singular.


But there was one more hurdle to clear in order to bring sound movies out of the "gee whiz" ghetto and into commercial success.

I have a faint idea what this means but would like a precise explanation.

Any help much appreciated Emotion: big smile

1. accident; perhaps, haphazard successions of unpredictable events
2. during the time around 1891, which can be described as a time when creative new ideas were being suggested in such rapid succession and by so many people that it would have seemed like a riot (of ideas).
3. to change the world of sound movies so that they would no longer be regarded as only the limited specialty of a small number of enthusiasts who found them marvelously wonderful, (but could be regarded as having the potential for commercial success).

Thnaks, this is very helpful!