Hi everyone,
I've studied American English with some audio books and I learnt some useful rules.
But sometimes with some words, I really get confused how to pronounce.

For example, a native American English speaker doesn't pronounce the first "t" letter in the word "internet" right? Because there's an "n" sound before it.
Okay, but what about "content"?
There are two "t"s that you shouldn't pronounce.
Should I pronounce at least one of them or none of them? It sounds kinda strange when I don't make the t sounds.
I'm gonna keep writing some other words that I will have difficulty in pronunciation. 
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Interesting subject. As a new member, I just wanted to give my 2 cents. No offense to anybody here.

I agree that the "t" is dropped subtlely but not completely in internet, twenty, etc. It is probably a result of our fast-paced modern day life: we want to rush everything including our speech. It's like, instead of important, we say "import-un". After a while, if there are enough people saying it, including those who are well-educated and whose who work in the media, then it will become part of standard American English.

Language is constantly evolving in all regions and countries. Standard is a relative term. That's why American English is quite different from British Engish, after about 200+ years of seperation.

For those whose English is a second or third language, I think it's more important to communicate clearly than to adopt the most trendy way of pronunciation. If I am on the phone trying to convey a message, I would say the "t" sound every time to make sure that I am understood.