After I have been graduated from the Teacher Training Institute in Al-Qadissiyah City in 1994, I worked for three years as a teacher in one of the of Al-Qadissiyah primary schools (located in the countryside). While I was teaching there, I noticed how violence, "both physical and psychological '', was spreading through the usage of the language of terrorism. This fact made me interested in the effect of the suppressing language on the pupils. I felt pity for those innocent pupils but I was unable to change anything because of the severe rules /restrictions imposed by the authorities on the educational institutions at that point of time.

From the moment I studied my BA I decided to pull out all the stops and go on as far as I could, hence I earned the MA degree. I wanted to become one of the most outstanding students through my hard work and my college life that will be with stamina, diligence and perseverance. I continued my high education in order to have a wider knowledge about English, the language which I really love. I had completed my MA in Iraq after the war in 2004 in which I had suffered great deal. The disorder that followed the collapse of the dictatorial regime brought the country in a situation where violence was the dominating phenomenon. This state of the country was quite dangerous for a girl to develop her abilities and to be someone brilliant and having bright future. Again terrorism posed an obstacle for obtaining our knowledge.

After I was awarded MA in English Language and Linguistics at 2004, I taught in the department of English Language at the same university of Al-Qadissiyah where I completed my undergraduate study and did my MA. I have almost been told I am a hard worker, especially when it comes to my college work, so having a variety of choices in regards to what classes I can take truly satisfies my thirst for conquering the next challenge inside the classroom. I have taught different linguistic courses .Over the past four years I have been working on different aspects of linguistics. Within the field of pragmatics, I have written and published researches in speech act theory, focusing on social dynamic interaction. My research studies are (Inviting Speech Act as a Commissive – Directive Hybrid '') and (Linguistic Analysis of Supplication in Standard English and Standard Arabic with Reference to Liturgical Language). Comparative studies have always been my high priority within the field of general linguistics. As for my present and future work in linguistics, I am now concentrating my efforts on political linguistics. My current work is on the notion of confrontational arguments during (or under) the Cold War. I am interested in how the governments use language to construct their institutional identity and legitimize their policies. .

While I was teaching, I began to feel the problems and the destruction of the lives of the young generation in the period of liberty. In the latest four years, three students of mine were killed when a bomb hidden in a plastic bag exploded inside a car. A roadside bombing killed two students. Three others were killed in attacks carried out by terrorists

In 2006, I, in person, was hurted by terrorism when one of my brothers was kidnapped. The terrorists attacked him in the street. They forced him into the boot of a car in Baghdad. Many families have suffered from terrorism in Iraq and in different countries in the world. The usual kidnapping style is for armed militants to drive up with their faces covered to the victim’s house, office or shop, or sometimes corner him/her on the street. The victim is overpowered, and dumped into the boot. Indeed, the fear of being targeted again - and low expectations of getting help from fledgling Iraqi institutions - keeps my family from turning to the police, who are absent from most neighborhoods anyway. Instead, they seek assistance from the only authority visible here - the US military, whose troops aren't trained to deal with crime. But we get nothing. We believe that my brother is dead. This sustains me to deal or write about the language of terrorism. The threat of terrorism is supremely catastrophic. It is not just a threat of sudden violent death; it is actually a ‘threat to civilization’, a ‘threat to any progress, the humanity does towards prosperity ' a ‘threat to our way of life’, and a threat to ‘the peace of the world’.
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