Well finally you too joined to the club of 22nds of the four craziest musketeers. (Still except Ann) So we warmly welcome you girly wishing you a marvelous year ahead with an awesome 22nd birthday.
OK fine no more official stories, let me begin in our own way. Suddenly what I remembered now was, the way you are getting ready to run to the washroom in the last 4mins of the lecture before sir leaves the hall mainly because to do your makeup! But I still wonder what are you smearing on face because that powder has already finished! Isn't it?
And should mention this thing for sure. As we are very good girls none of us have dirty minded mentalities memories are totally filled up only with subject matters, Isn't it? That's why still we didn't even touch our HR assignment which would be submited on 12th. Oopz '12th'!! Another special day for Christina. Shh my mouth is sealed
Btw dear with in this short period of time we four have so many things to remind till this life gets end.
At last but not least happy happy birthday once again dear and Thank you so much for the treat. But when remembering your party tomorrow, it's so sad that I won't be able come. sob sob Anyways thank you like this me to spoil your Facebook wall on your special day. Cheers!!
Someone please help me?

We know that the surrealism art shows the ideas of our unconscious mind.

This art is an imaginary art and it shows the ideas of our unconscious mind. This art shows the deep ideas of our unconscious mind. This art is unexpected because this type of things won’t happen in real life. It is a dream like scene. This art also shows the creativity of artist’s unconscious mind. In this, hands are holding the eye and some tree like structure is also appearing in this art, which is totally different from the real world and also juxtapositions are illegal.