Hello,about introverts and extroverts:"Hell is other people at breakfast." That means what??the following is its dpicting:Unless your vision of hell is eating with someone so lost in his own thoughts that the conversation sputters and dies.Thank you for your help.
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Hell is other people at breakfast.= Eating with other people (the simple presence of other people at the meal) is a horrible experience. An introvert's feeling, obviously. Doing anything with other people is extremely stressful for an introvert.
"Hell is other people" is a quote from Jean-Paul Sartre (French existentialist writer). "Hell is other people at breakfast" makes it more specific. For introverts, dealing with other people takes energy and is very tiring, so they would not want to have to do it first thing in the morning.
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A small further comment.

Hell is other people. This is a serious statement.

Hell is other people at breakfast. The incongruity of 'at breakfast' adds a somewhat humorous tone to the statement

Yes, definitely.
Hi Khoff,

You probably know this quip. It's supposed to be a quote from Kurt Vonnegut

To be is to do - Socrates

To do is to be - Sartre

Do Be Do Be Do - Sinatra

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Hi Khoff,How to associate "Hell is other people at breakfast" with "unless clause"??"Hell is other people at breakfast." the following is :Unless your vision of hell is eating with someone so lost in his own thoughts that the conversation sputters and dies。 Thank you for your help.

Monday, March 26, 2012

New York Times correction on Jean-Paul Sartre quote in newspaper on March 13, 2012

from the NEW YORK TIMES (this is what I saw today with my own eyes in my local paper here in Taiwan)

A Lens column earlier this
month about introverts and
extraverts misquoted the
French philosopher Jean-
Paul Sartre. The correct
quote is "Hell is other peo-
ple," not "Hell is other peo-
ple at breakfast."


March 27 issue of the New York Times Weekly (international editions in 26 nations)correcting misquote
from March 13 issueat breakfast."

[The misquote was conducted by Kevin Delaney, staff writer at the Times, who apparently
picked up the misquote without knowing it was a misquote from reading a recent
Huffington Post post about Jonathan Rauch's humorous 2003 take on the real Sartre quote
and Susan Cain's book about introverts and extraverts. Kevin has opted not to respond to
this antiblogger's dozen emails requesting an explanation, and neither has Dr Rauch or any
of his spokespeople at THE ATLANTIC magazine, although Atlantic writer James Fallows did
say he would pass on my query letter to Dr Rauch, who he knows personally.'

New York Times correction: Hell is not other people at breakfast

by Craig Silverman Published Mar. 28, 2012 9:06 am
The New York Times International Weekly , an 8 to 12-page supplement inserted in newspapers around the world, published this correction earlier in the week:

A Lens column earlier this month about introverts and extroverts misquoted the French philosopher Jean-Paul Sartre. The correct quote is “Hell is other people,” not “Hell is other people at breakfast.”
The New York Times International Weekly corrects a mangled Sartre quote.
Though not available online, I received a photo of the print version of the correction from Taiwan-based journalist Dan Bloom. (The original, incorrect item is placed to the left of the correction.)
Bloom is the eagle-eyed reader who spotted the Sartre misquote last week and requested a correction. (Poynter’s Andrew Beaujon previously wrote about this quote, which has taken on a life of its own .)
Bloom has since written several articles and blog posts about how this misquote made it into circulation. Here’s him writing for The Wrap :

This is how things work in the Internet Age.
A witty writer in Boston sets up a fake quote from the late Jean-Paul Sartre back in 2003 in an article about introverts and extroverts that was published in the Atlantic Monthly online, and almost 10 years later the fake quote — “Hell is other people at breakfast” — is still going strong on blogs, emails and bonafide websites.
Very few people have bothered to check if the quote is correct, since the correct quote from Sartre’s famous play “No Exit” is actually, “Hell is other people.” In French, Sartre wrote it out as, “L’enfer, c’est les autres.”
The writer in question is Jonathan Rauch, who playfully altered the Sartre quote in a piece about introverts and extroverts. Bloom notes that the Rauch quote was reused in this recent Huffington Post blog post about personality types, which Bloom believes was consulted by the Times writer who used the incorrect quote in the paper.
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